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Winter is getting closer, but it is difficult to adjust the temperature difference.
This time, we will introduce "SOLAR HEAT BLOUSON", a universal reversible outerwear that can be worn for a long season according to the temperature and weather and can be worn in four different ways.


①the thermal storage heat retention boa
= solar heat generation + far infrared radiation effect
= warm even if thin.

By combining with highly heat-retaining acrylic, the absorption is improved, and light is converted efficiently into heat, which makes it warmer.
Far-infrared rays are emitted not only from sunlight but also from the human body, so it is very small compared to solar energy, but it can absorb far-infrared rays and body temperature and achieve an effect.

②See-through nylon has a water-repellent effect and a high-strength ripstop.

Translucent nylon fabric makes it easy for sunlight to reach the inner boa.
The Thermal storage heat retention boa absorbs infrared rays from the sun efficiently and is effective.


①The see-through nylon is utilized to the maximum by printing on the inner boa.

By printing the brand name and functions on the inside boa of see-through nylon, it balances functionality and design.
The ripstop nylon maintains the design by making the grid more inconspicuous.

②Boa has a clean impression by reducing the volume.

The volume, which is also a feature of the bore material, is not emphasized, creating a clean impression.
In contrast to the nylon surface, the boa has a one-color, matte texture that is calm and easy to wear.


①Reversible is used properly depending on the wearing scene such as climate and styling.

Nylon and boa can be used separately depending on the external environment such as temperature and weather, styling such as casual and clean.
The nylon side looks like a blouson and the bore side looks like a knit cardigan.
Both have excellent functionality and are suitable for any scene.
It is also recommended for women to wear oversize.

②For outer layer as well as layered middle layer.

It is easy to wear layered by suppressing the volume, and the neck has a collarless design that shines layered.
As an outer such as turtleneck( 4S HRAT TURTLE) and hooded(BOA HOODED), it is also active as an inner layer such as light outer(4S HEAT ARMY JACKCT) and coat(LESS COAT).

A down outer is a classic inner layer, but if you replace it with the bore side up, you can use a clean outer and it is not bulky and looks fresh.

A versatile outerwear that can be used in any style and enjoy four styling.

PRICE : ¥59,000+tax
COLOR : Olive , Black

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