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In December, cold weather is increasing day by day.
This time, we will introduce
"HEAT STRETCH SEMI DOUBLE COAT", which combines functionality such as solar heat generation and various fashion features such as military and urban.


①The functional cotton that made in Japan is light and warm.

Both coats use a functional cotton that made in Japan.
Lightweight material ( Weight per square meter: M-51 / 150g, SEMI DOUBLE / 120g ) with antibacterial, deodorant, deodorant, heat generation and heat storage functions, and warms by solar heat generation and far infrared radiation.
Far-infrared rays are emitted not only from sunlight but also from the human body, so it is very small compared to solar energy, but it can absorb far-infrared rays and body temperature and achieve an effect.

②The two-layer surface fabric has excellent water repellency and moisture permeability.

The outer fabric is water-repellent and moisture-permeable, and boasts a water pressure resistance of 15,000mm and a moisture permeability of 15,000g / ㎡.
(* General guidelines for water pressure resistance Heavy rain: 10,000mm / Medium rain: 2,000mm / Light rain: 300mm)
(* Because it is not seamless, it is not completely waterproof.)
High-performance polyurethane laminate on the back provides high water pressure resistance, high moisture permeability, windproof and heat insulation.
In addition to thin and light fabrics, it is also easy to clean because it can be steamed if there is a distance by lamination.


①Based on the design of US ARMY, to modern and comfortable specifications.

M-51 COAT is a product based on US ARMY, redesigned to modern and comfortable details.
The fur is dyed by one by one to create a gradation color, making it more fashionable.
The hood with a drawcord is designed to cover up to the neck, keeping it warm, and the fur and hood are removable.
The cuffs can be adjusted smoothly using a magnetic buckle.

②The true value of minimal urban tech wear with attention to detail.

The front uses a snap button, flat and minimalistic impression with only a side pocket.
Not only invisible stitches, pockets and buttons, but also a lot of functions that cannot be judged from the appearance, such as batting.
It is a true urban top item of minimal urban tech wear that does not look like a tech outer.

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