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MINOTAUR INST. より、数量限定のプレゼント企画がスタート。

MINOTAUR INST. TOKYO, FUKUOKA, ONLINE SHOP にて、税込¥20,000以上ご購入の方を対象に、特製カラビナ付LEDライトを1つプレゼントいたします。


MINOTAUR INST. の機能アイテムと合わせてご使用頂き、より快適な日常をお楽しみください。


A limited quantity gift project has started from MINOTAUR INST.

At MINOTAUR INST. TOKYO, FUKUOKA, ONLINE SHOP, one LED light with a special carabiner will be presented to those who purchase over ¥ 20,000 including tax.

The brand name is a special specification made by laser engraving, and since it does not change over time, it can be used not only as a light but also as a key chain. p>

Please use it together with the functional items of MINOTAUR INST to enjoy a more comfortable daily life.

* One piece will be presented for each purchase.
* Only once per person so that more people can hand it over.
* Number is limited.
* Please note that it may end without notice.