“Modern, and comfortable everyday wear required for one step ahead” concept
“MINOTAUR” proposal, from the product line I / O collection in conjunction with smartphone
It is the emergence of the heater system built-in products.
So far in the form of the future that it was not end with only imagination, fusion of fashion and technology.
In modern times, with smartphones that are indispensable to life plays a bond, we evolved the concept of clothes.


If the batting of MA-1 jacket of minimalist design compared to the general polyester cotton and down,
Using the functional materials that there is 1.5 to 2 times the thermal insulation function.「Thinsulate Ex-Soft」
Whereby the heat rise to heat, will be a mechanism to spread to the entire outer.
2WAY stretch and in the outer material, combines a durable water repellent breathable waterproof function
We are using a polyurethane lamination material.


Using the latest technology of Japan, it was equipped with a heater function in all four types of high-tech stretch material.
From the application that corresponds to the smart phone, the outer is wrapped in warmth between when to start the heater unit from 30 to 60 seconds.
It is temperature control in four steps according to the ambient air, the color of the signal attached to the chest will change from the high order of temperature to RED → ORANGE → GREEN → BLUE


Interface / iPhone, Android
Application / Under construction
Function / heating, stretching, water pressure 15,000mm, water vapor permeability / 15,000g / m2 / 24hr
Remote control / Bluetooth BLE4.0
Body weight / 500g
Battery weight / 120g
Battery capacity / 19W
Use time / intensity (Red) -2 hours, medium-strength (Orange) -4 hours, medium (Green) -6 hours, weak (Blue) -8 hours
Charging time / 3.5 hours
Operating environment / -20°C or less, or 60°C Use in or more locations, please refrain from
Accessory / each mobile battery products, it comes with a USB charging cable.