MINOTAUR x muraco

About muraco
MURACO was born from a small metal processing factory.
The error of 0.01 mm is the factory technology full of craftsmanship polished in the world where the quality depends,
MURACO has gotten a start by bringing together the know-how of professionals in various fields.
Based on outdoor, we mix various cultures and propose outdoor style of new sensation.
New choice for all people who enjoy outdoor activities.

To craftsmanship
A metal processing industry that always requires uniform precision. For about half a century, the technology and expertise cultivated within strict evaluation standards, the sense that faces that are the basis of our product development. Even for textiles such as tents and tarps, its evaluation criteria will not change.

Beyond the established concept
This should be the case, beyond the idea that should be used, we will propose new design, new usage, new way of enjoying, etc. through MURACO's products. Creative product design is the policy of MURACO.

Selection of materials
Based on the vast experience in the metal field, not only the necessary strength but also degradation, maintenance property etc. are examined, material selection, surface treatment, etc. are decided. For selection of fabrics, we have decided coat, finish method of reinforcement part etc after thorough discussion with Chinese affiliated woven fabric / garment factory.

Design and design
The policy of MURACO design department is to pursue the best function with the minimum parts. Materials suitable for the intended use should also be chosen. In addition, we design carefully so that usability is not compromised by design constraints.

Muraco who has pursued craftsmanship and a joint work series with MINOTAUR with thorough sticking to the latest technology and sewing and detail.
Limited series produced by Urban Life, the products required by both brands beyond fence.